Monday, February 4, 2008

MKULTRA , Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking

We're on the path here at the Garden of some horrific stories relating to the subject matter in these videos. I realize we have been dwelling a lot on past event in our sporadic posts here, but I am building up to something that requires some background for me to be able to give you the full scope of what's going on.

I'll post later to answer some of the many, and I do mean many, questions, rumors, and even outright accusations directed towards me in recent months. You have been manipulated is all I'll say right now. I've been too busy repairing the transmitter, ferreting out Truth wherever I can and generally doing all the things winter time makes necessary just to stay warm and safe in our cabin.

One last thing, it is not helpful to the cause of freedom for us to add harassment and suspicion to already heavy organized stalking.

Please give these videos close attention.


Author said...

For more on the CIA-side of human experimentation, see Human Drug Testing by the CIA.

datavismo said...

Hi, do you know where I could view these videos? thanks