Saturday, September 29, 2007

the Incunabula Papers Broadcast Of the Garden of Truth Hijacked!

Well, my friends, in the short time the Garden of Truth has been back online the volume of bizarre, intriguing, irrelevant and, as expected, positively insane emails pouring in has been downright overwhelming. Between yesterday afternoon and this morning the following exchange has brought something that, while definitely residing in the realm of the bizarre, has at least some verifiable facts.

Most important for now is that the edition of the show we did a while back about the mystery surrounding Ong's Hat has been appropriated by either the show's guest, the diabolical Joseph Matheny, or people who are connected to his many projects. The site claims that this program is, and I quote from the index page: "Special: Platinum Aniversay Special (20 years 2008) Creative Commons edition: The Incunabula Papers- Platinum 20 Year Anniversary Audio Book Edition ".

As if I, Milford Connolly, staunch libertarian Christian and patriot would be in cahoots with such people.

The person who sent these messages identifies himself with a suspicious vehemence as someone who is not involved, even while he denies that anything publically attributed to him is, in fact, his handiwork. Curiouser and curiouser still. In reverse chronology:

Re: Tres Huevos

Dear Milford,

I must look a victim of mental dispersion from my haste and neglect of details. I must admit that while my ear is glued nightly to your broadcast, it is with a wry smile I take in most of the subjects you cover. I do feel I should thank you for not picking up the horrendously diversionary phrase " parapolitical research". I have been involved in some things in the past that were part of the psychospiritual manipulation through politics and culture and through that experience, have become pretty good at spotting Omega-triggering words and phrases that are so cavalierly planted in public and "underground" discourse. (The nature, location and personages connected with said experience are things I keep to myself, so don't ask. I will advise you to seek out instances of the word parapolitics in all tenses, and you should particularly seek out the first place it appears. No more needs to be said.)

Ok, here's the missing detail. A link:

It seems your show was hijacked by your guest, or someone connected or a follower. you'll find my name comes up. Don't ask me. I know nothing about it. It's actually to my advantage that nothing connected to my name on the web is anything I had to do with in actual fact.

Towards Chaos,


On 9/29/07, Milford Connolly <> wrote:
Um, know about what, exactly? Are you quite all right? Perhaps you intended to send me a link to an article? As you can see, there's nothing in your message but the one cryptic sentance, a quote in Greek transliterated in the Roman alphabet and the number 333, which as far as I can tell from association gleaned from a google search off the name you provide has likely connections to the following aspects or attributions:
333 = 3^2·37, Mertens function returns 0, Harshad number. A half-evil number: 666/2. A number associated with the Thelemic demon of The Abyss, Choronzon, who is said to be ready to devour the ego of the Magician.
I get quite a bit of mail from your crowd, and I don't mind. I see it as an opportunity to turn you to the Light, and let you know that God loves you.
Now, you write that no reply is necessary, but I feel compelled to let you know that you neglected to provide the info to which I am not required to reply.
Yours in Heavenly light,

On 9/28/07, x. Emerson xxx <> wrote:
Thought you may want to know about this. No need to reply.
Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos,

Edit: Removed some links upon closer inspection of whence they lead. Not to be too paternalistic to my esteemed readers and listeners, but some roads are less travelled for a reason.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Open-Access" vs. Freedom in the Wireless Industry

Irvine, CA--As the FCC prepares to auction off valuable wireless spectrum, potential bidders, including Google, are demanding that the agency impose strict requirements on how any purchased spectrum be used. Google, for example, is demanding so-called open access provisions, which would force any spectrum owner to make his bandwidth available to any device or software application, and force him to resell portions of his bandwidth on a wholesale basis.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Dark Web Project (For Our Replicants)

Terrorists and extremists have set up shop on the Internet, using it to recruit new members, spread propaganda and plan attacks across the world. -National Science Foundation press release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation released today a witness list for a full Committee hearing on Protecting Children on the Internet. -Commerce Committee Chairman Daniel K. Inouye Press Release

These two items relate to the previous post in ominous ways. When they start trotting out terrorists and the children, watch out. Our fine tradition of rugged individualism and government for the people by the people is fast fading into the past.

These are stories that are going around, though I'm not yet seeing many attempts to connect the threads, nor do threats to freedom raise an eyebrow these days. Most of the coverage you will see carries on the venerable old tradition of an editor or writer slapping their name on the press release and publishing the story as sent.

Ok, the latest announcement:

The AI Lab terrorism research projects aim to develop and evaluate scalable techniques for collecting and analyzing terrorism information, modeling terrorist behavior and terrorist networks, and disseminating information to the terrorized (victims and citizens) groups. Various approaches and portals of these projects contribute to advancing the field of intelligence and security informatics. Such advancements will help related stakeholders to counter terrorism and promote national security.

Now, how they go about their stated purpose without reference to dilemmas as outlined in the pioneering work of Yehoshua Bar-Hillel, I can't imagine. I find it interesting that the name of the project is "Dark Web". Could this be an indication of what they're looking to take out of the picture? Better put dynamite in your robot.txt files, folks. I don't think for a moment they're looking to find terrorists, or even to harrass citizens en masse who write about topics the powers that be would rather have silenced. This is a hideous, but deceptive pulic mask for a much more diabolical undertaking. Remember, the Devil hates you.

The ongoing cant that rallies the soccer moms and big government "conservatives":

US senators today made a bipartisan call for the universal implementation of filtering and monitoring technologies on the Internet in order to protect children at the end of a Senate hearing for which civil liberties groups were not invited.

Commerce Committee Chairman Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Vice Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) both argued that Internet was a dangerous place where parents alone will not be able to protect their children.

They are talking filters a la China and similar predator-hunting webcrawlers to the above mentioned Dark Web project. Now I know these institutions are no longer our actual government, but none of these actions are sanctioned without a reason. We know they've been at this game for decades, so why do they want the devolution to be televised? And one wonders idly if the technology involved is leading towards the inevitable singularity...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weeds and Flowers

Last nights show gave us a lot to consider. We lost the telephone connection half way though the show and we had no way of getting back in touch with him, as he refused resolutely to give us a telephone number or any way of contacting him. Your intrepid host and crew at the Garden of Truth broadcast soldiered on nonetheless. We hoped our guest would call back, but he has yet to. The second half of the show, which ran well into its sixth hour before we knew it, I took the opportunity to read some of the more crucial documents our guest had provided before the broadcast. As I like to do, I read the documents through without comment and I'll start an initial dissection of the information revealed in tonights show.

I'm wondering about the significance of event that happened in the greater world in 1979. I'm not positing a theory, consider this a short note, a list of coincidental actions and observed phenomena that is by no means complete.

In no particular order of importance or chronological sequence:

The creation of the First Earth Battalion, an alleged US army project to create our own version of "Warrior Monks". One of their soldiers is later called back into service in Iraq.

The energy crisis is the first of many events to get us innured to out of control inflation as a constant fact of life. OPEC showes exactly how easily they can bring down our very civilization.

The existance of the Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF) becomes known. The RDF was a mobile fighting force capable of responding to worldwide trouble spots, without drawing on forces committed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The RDF was the forerunner of CENTCOM. Our increasing use of mercenaries may have roots there.

Iraqi President Hasan al-Bakr resigns and Vice President Saddam Hussein replaces him. The CIA may have had a hand in, while manipulating the Iran Hostage crisis, (444 days. Work it out.)

Raymond Washington, known for founding the Crips, today one of the largest, most notorious gangs in the United States, is shot and killed five months following his arrest for quadruple murder. (His killers have not yet been identified.)

Cheap cocaine starts flooding the streets of America, production and importation of heroin is ramped up significantly.

A breakthrough in trans-dimensional travel with the successful test of a dimensional travel device, though it seems, this one was not developed around these parts. More threads of double agents and infiltration and counter-infiltration that ensue will need a show of its own.

The Soviet Union seizes control of Afghanistan, and Babrak Karmal replaces overthrown and executed President Hafizullah Amin.

Sandinistas seizes power in Nicaragua, leading to the initiation of yet another covert CIA operation. Two major sources for drugs are the focus of covert operations promted by so-called conservative officials.

Look into 33 year cycles in history.

I'm going to get the spade and shears.

Tonights show is all about mythical beasts. Tune in, and you will find it's a more timely topic than you may think at first. I'll also talk with entomologist Palak Haupt about bee radar and crowd control.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slow Return and Tonight's Show

For the time being we will be sticking to broadcasting on 9790 Khz and storing the archives in several locations where they can be retrieved should anything untoward happen to us. If there is an internet as we currently know it this time next year, we may consider coming back with a broader based forum, and even include audio and video archives. While I have made no bones about my love for good old fasioned values, Tennesee Earn-e Fnord and my beloved, non-illuminati infiltrated church, the Garden of truth is not skittish about re-entering the online info stream for reasons of mere Luddite stubbornness. Using stone age methods like printed news letters and shortwave leaves us further below the radar than our webb based compatriots and we feel that those who make the effort are more likely to be folks who will not sit idly by as the jackboots thunder down their streets.

We have a very exciting show for you this evening. A former World Bank functionary will be giving us information that connects our current financial crisis, how the real estate market was engineered for reasons of Brave New World population control, conspirators behind oil powers, how projects connected to Monarch and MK-Ultra are coming out of hiding and why the powers that be feel they do not have to hide any more and why we will soon see a military takeover at a time when it seems like the population will go voluntarily to their doom.

You may think you know all about this well trodden ground, but while these disparate tales have been told, our guest, who must remain anonymous for reasons of his own safety has found proof of connections between all these disturbing tales that point to reasons behind all this mind manipulation that you will find to be an abyss you do not wish to have gaze back at you.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hidden Ritual Site

We're on the trail of some NWO dealings here at the Garden of Truth at the moment that relate to some strange phenomena we have observed in these parts of late. you may have noticed that we have stayed away from conspiracy topics on the show recently, but that is not due to a shift in focus. It's merely that we verify everything we report before we bring it to you good patriots. We are after all the Garden of Truth, not the Garden of Conjecture.

I will share with you a strange discovery right in our own back yard, or I should say, a strange rediscovery. I know these woods as well as it is possible, having spent most of my life in these parts. And I like to stay as deep as possible. The road you see to the left is the closest sign of civilization to our little abode, and that ends a couple miles from our cabin.

When I was a young lad I came upon a site that had a stone wall in a circle and a kind of circular portal. At the center was what looks like an altar. The hair stood on end, friends. I could feel that unsavory things went on here. Even at the tender age of twelve I was a good Christian and Patriot was not an epithet, so something as obviously pagan as this monument was a shock to find in my back yard, so to speak.

I knew the location of this site with precision. As I said, and as my friends and listeners know, the Lebanon State Forest is something I can navigate like no other, but I was never able to find it again, and therefore never able to show it to anyone else. This stone construction had completely vanished. Several times I ventured out to find it, and each time I got disoriented in a most unwonted manner, and the last time I passed out and was not found until the next day.

Appreciate if you can the mix of surprise, excitement and trepidation I felt when I came upon it again. This time I had a camera. The photos look like they are in black and white, but I had color film in the camera, and each shot came out in monochrome images, differing in hue in each image on the film. I had some other pictures of my lovely bride from the day before, and those shots came out in glorious color. You can see the monument below.

I took a number of shots from within the circle, which was exactly as I had found it fourty years ago, but those shots came out as amorphous blobs. There are so many legends surrounding the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and I recall one from my youth that describes a place like this and the unsavory things that went on there, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. I promise to investigate the matter and see if I can find any other accounts of this site.

Just wondering aloud here, but I can't help think of those scientists that were discussed with that demon Joseph Matheny on the show a good while ago.

Yours for the hurting,