Saturday, November 3, 2007

It Happened Again! the Garden of Truth Broadcast Online

Well, I did indeed have one Mr. Matheny on the broadcast, and we had an exchange that, while not necessarily a love-fest, this interview did answer more questions than we may have anticipated. After putting issues in context, a context that becomes clearer the deeper I look into these issues, I read the materials on the mysterious El-Centro phenomenon.

The first half of the program is, not unexpectedly, posted online. Not on the Incunabula site this time, but a haven of the decadent, counterculture media and commentary site of the Alterati. (Are they altered Illuminati? When did I become their uncle?) The description is as much loving as snide, methinks, so I don't take exception to their having their fun:

He’s creepy and he’s kooky, Mysterious and spooky,
He’s all together ooky, It’s Milford Connolly! His Garden’s a museum Where people come to see ‘im He really is a scream He’s Milford Connolly! (Neat) (Sweet) (Petite) So get a witches shawl on A broomstick you can crawl on We’re gonna pay a call on Milford Connolly!

They did leave the opening commentary and reading intact, so if you missed the program when it was aired, you can head to that chapel perilous and download it.

To the left is something I'll be getting to later. An interesting document that was sent to me by someone who has a past of many infamous organizations, individuals and barely detectable but insidious societal shifts to all numbers of flavors of devilry. I think our telecommunications corporations have been infiltrated. Soon you'll know why I say so, and it has nothing to do with billing practices.

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