Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slow Return and Tonight's Show

For the time being we will be sticking to broadcasting on 9790 Khz and storing the archives in several locations where they can be retrieved should anything untoward happen to us. If there is an internet as we currently know it this time next year, we may consider coming back with a broader based forum, and even include audio and video archives. While I have made no bones about my love for good old fasioned values, Tennesee Earn-e Fnord and my beloved, non-illuminati infiltrated church, the Garden of truth is not skittish about re-entering the online info stream for reasons of mere Luddite stubbornness. Using stone age methods like printed news letters and shortwave leaves us further below the radar than our webb based compatriots and we feel that those who make the effort are more likely to be folks who will not sit idly by as the jackboots thunder down their streets.

We have a very exciting show for you this evening. A former World Bank functionary will be giving us information that connects our current financial crisis, how the real estate market was engineered for reasons of Brave New World population control, conspirators behind oil powers, how projects connected to Monarch and MK-Ultra are coming out of hiding and why the powers that be feel they do not have to hide any more and why we will soon see a military takeover at a time when it seems like the population will go voluntarily to their doom.

You may think you know all about this well trodden ground, but while these disparate tales have been told, our guest, who must remain anonymous for reasons of his own safety has found proof of connections between all these disturbing tales that point to reasons behind all this mind manipulation that you will find to be an abyss you do not wish to have gaze back at you.

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