Saturday, September 29, 2007

the Incunabula Papers Broadcast Of the Garden of Truth Hijacked!

Well, my friends, in the short time the Garden of Truth has been back online the volume of bizarre, intriguing, irrelevant and, as expected, positively insane emails pouring in has been downright overwhelming. Between yesterday afternoon and this morning the following exchange has brought something that, while definitely residing in the realm of the bizarre, has at least some verifiable facts.

Most important for now is that the edition of the show we did a while back about the mystery surrounding Ong's Hat has been appropriated by either the show's guest, the diabolical Joseph Matheny, or people who are connected to his many projects. The site claims that this program is, and I quote from the index page: "Special: Platinum Aniversay Special (20 years 2008) Creative Commons edition: The Incunabula Papers- Platinum 20 Year Anniversary Audio Book Edition ".

As if I, Milford Connolly, staunch libertarian Christian and patriot would be in cahoots with such people.

The person who sent these messages identifies himself with a suspicious vehemence as someone who is not involved, even while he denies that anything publically attributed to him is, in fact, his handiwork. Curiouser and curiouser still. In reverse chronology:

Re: Tres Huevos

Dear Milford,

I must look a victim of mental dispersion from my haste and neglect of details. I must admit that while my ear is glued nightly to your broadcast, it is with a wry smile I take in most of the subjects you cover. I do feel I should thank you for not picking up the horrendously diversionary phrase " parapolitical research". I have been involved in some things in the past that were part of the psychospiritual manipulation through politics and culture and through that experience, have become pretty good at spotting Omega-triggering words and phrases that are so cavalierly planted in public and "underground" discourse. (The nature, location and personages connected with said experience are things I keep to myself, so don't ask. I will advise you to seek out instances of the word parapolitics in all tenses, and you should particularly seek out the first place it appears. No more needs to be said.)

Ok, here's the missing detail. A link:

It seems your show was hijacked by your guest, or someone connected or a follower. you'll find my name comes up. Don't ask me. I know nothing about it. It's actually to my advantage that nothing connected to my name on the web is anything I had to do with in actual fact.

Towards Chaos,


On 9/29/07, Milford Connolly <> wrote:
Um, know about what, exactly? Are you quite all right? Perhaps you intended to send me a link to an article? As you can see, there's nothing in your message but the one cryptic sentance, a quote in Greek transliterated in the Roman alphabet and the number 333, which as far as I can tell from association gleaned from a google search off the name you provide has likely connections to the following aspects or attributions:
333 = 3^2·37, Mertens function returns 0, Harshad number. A half-evil number: 666/2. A number associated with the Thelemic demon of The Abyss, Choronzon, who is said to be ready to devour the ego of the Magician.
I get quite a bit of mail from your crowd, and I don't mind. I see it as an opportunity to turn you to the Light, and let you know that God loves you.
Now, you write that no reply is necessary, but I feel compelled to let you know that you neglected to provide the info to which I am not required to reply.
Yours in Heavenly light,

On 9/28/07, x. Emerson xxx <> wrote:
Thought you may want to know about this. No need to reply.
Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos,

Edit: Removed some links upon closer inspection of whence they lead. Not to be too paternalistic to my esteemed readers and listeners, but some roads are less travelled for a reason.

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