Monday, September 17, 2007

Hidden Ritual Site

We're on the trail of some NWO dealings here at the Garden of Truth at the moment that relate to some strange phenomena we have observed in these parts of late. you may have noticed that we have stayed away from conspiracy topics on the show recently, but that is not due to a shift in focus. It's merely that we verify everything we report before we bring it to you good patriots. We are after all the Garden of Truth, not the Garden of Conjecture.

I will share with you a strange discovery right in our own back yard, or I should say, a strange rediscovery. I know these woods as well as it is possible, having spent most of my life in these parts. And I like to stay as deep as possible. The road you see to the left is the closest sign of civilization to our little abode, and that ends a couple miles from our cabin.

When I was a young lad I came upon a site that had a stone wall in a circle and a kind of circular portal. At the center was what looks like an altar. The hair stood on end, friends. I could feel that unsavory things went on here. Even at the tender age of twelve I was a good Christian and Patriot was not an epithet, so something as obviously pagan as this monument was a shock to find in my back yard, so to speak.

I knew the location of this site with precision. As I said, and as my friends and listeners know, the Lebanon State Forest is something I can navigate like no other, but I was never able to find it again, and therefore never able to show it to anyone else. This stone construction had completely vanished. Several times I ventured out to find it, and each time I got disoriented in a most unwonted manner, and the last time I passed out and was not found until the next day.

Appreciate if you can the mix of surprise, excitement and trepidation I felt when I came upon it again. This time I had a camera. The photos look like they are in black and white, but I had color film in the camera, and each shot came out in monochrome images, differing in hue in each image on the film. I had some other pictures of my lovely bride from the day before, and those shots came out in glorious color. You can see the monument below.

I took a number of shots from within the circle, which was exactly as I had found it fourty years ago, but those shots came out as amorphous blobs. There are so many legends surrounding the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and I recall one from my youth that describes a place like this and the unsavory things that went on there, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. I promise to investigate the matter and see if I can find any other accounts of this site.

Just wondering aloud here, but I can't help think of those scientists that were discussed with that demon Joseph Matheny on the show a good while ago.

Yours for the hurting,


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