Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Flight 990, Montaukees, Ong's Hat, Philip K. Dick, and other Curiosities

"Montauk Madness
Q: Now, on a similar subject: what I hear from various correspondents on the net, there are a lot of folks who have "emerging" Montauk memories. These folks are "waking up" and it is now "kitschy" to be a "Montauk Survivor." It's like a sub-culture... can it be possible that this many people...
A: No.
Q: Well, what is it that these people are remembering? As I understand it, they are very sincere and are convinced that they have these "Montauk experiment" memories.
A: Some do, but most, no."
"Q: Now, related in a general sort of way, there is Ong's Hat, Emory Cranston, and the Incunabula Papers. Supposedly they are like a "democratic time travel" group. There are claims that they were raided some years back, several of them were killed, and there is quite a story behind this group. Is Ong's Hat what it claims to be?
A: No.
Q: Is Ong's Hat a cover for some sort of covert government operation?
A: No.
Q: IS Ong's Hat a group of people who are actually experimenting with time travel?
A: Close."
"Q: (A) Well, about this windburst, was there some dimensional phenomenon or trans-density window as we have suggested on our site? (L) Was it an ordinary windburst? I think I have heard that it is impossible to have a windburst at that altitude.
A: Not "ordinary," but not trans-density, or dimensional. It was a Jetstream "eddy."
Q: So, there were no rays, beams, microwaves, trans-density or dimensional windows, weird, anomalous, conspiratorial event going on here?
A: No, no, no, no, no!"

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