Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Purity of Essence

The title of this post has been the subject line in a string of cryptic emails I have been recieving from a few dozen different addresses.
I'm just leaving a few notes to myself on things I'm chasing down, thoughts that occurred at the conclusion of this nights show and a few things that have occurred for which I have yet to formulate an explanation.
Now, first off, there's an odd question, or statement I've been getting in the inbox that I feel justified in thinking could be a code.
Let me just state the following:
  • Yes, I have a wife.
  • No, I do not have a horse.
  • And, finally, I do have a lovely, salt and pepper moustache.

Thank you for your concern. I realize you are probably trying to play with me, but I'm not going to chase down what must be a reference to something unless I feel I have reason to.

Now, on to one odd thing. The two pictures I've posted here are connected with the arch and circle I mentioned a little while ago. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I found the site many years ago and was not able to find it again until recently. I had a compass and a little gps gadget my son had given me for Christmas when I happened on the arch again. I found it interesting that the compass and gps device deviated by about a half mile in the latitude and two miles longitude. I did make sure I took note of both readings so I could find my way back.

A couple days ago I headed back into the forest to investigate this place further. My first stop was the location according to the gps gizmo. First detail I noticed was that both the ancient navigational tool and the digital were in accord until I got within a hundred yards of the site. The gps device stayed firm and the compass, while, not spinning like in the movies, did graduallyshift away from the reading of the digital device.

The arch was not to be found there. What I found was what looked like the lower half of a telephone pole with a platform at the top. I imagine it's a hunting platform, but you'll notice in the photo that it has a row of nails protruding from the edges, obviously to make it perilous to ascend. What's not discernable from the picture is that there was razorwire around the pole and what looked like a radio antenna at the top. I had both a 35mm camera and a digital camera with me. (I'm hale enough to bear some weight while traversing the woods.) I snapped dozens of shots between the cameras, but again, all shots but this one looked like closeups of colored bulbs, and the one shot that came out is bled completely of color.

I followed the gps to the location the compass had shown and yet again I found no arch. However, I did find a piece of paper that was sealed in plastic on a small mound. Something told me to not just reach in and grab it. It could have been what looked like a crown of birch shoots that circled the paper on the mound. I wish I had a picture of the mound, but you know I am not prone to flights of fancy. I tapped the paper lightly with a dead branch and it was snapped in two by a bear trap. Clearly, someone knew the location I'd return to and set a trap.

The drawing is on what looks like the paper architects use for blueprints, though, as you can see from the picture above, it's not blue. What that's supposed to be I don't know.

There'll be more on that as I continue to investigate.

One last note to self:

Look into the connection between the Nephilim of the bible, MK-Ultra, demonic possession and the reptilian conspiracy.

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