Friday, October 19, 2007

Further Adventures With The Beast

A little while back I mentioned that an edition of the Garden of Truth program had been hijacked by our guest that night, Joseph Matheny, and that it had been posted online. After having spent a good deal of time trying to make contact with Matheny, who proved to be ever mobile and elusive, and further attempts to try and find any associates, I can now report a new development.

If this is success or the Devil's lure, we shall find out with time. Mr. Matheny's people found my email address, which is available right from this site, (so don't be shy), and after initial messages they conveyed a most surprising offer; we shall have this shadowy and, it is beginning to seem, omnipresent individual on the show once again.

The last interview ended rather abruptly, as many of you may remember. We will see what comes of this. I have unearthed yet another dark conspiracy that connects with Mr. Matheny that seems based on more solid ground than most of the recent speculation about of which some of my parapolitical colleagues are guilty lately.

I'll announce the show here, but first, a homework assignment:

Go re-watch the Manchurian Candidate right now.

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