Friday, October 19, 2007


Could hackers' viruses lead to the singularity? I'm just wondering.

The tinkering networks of the Internet criminal/hacker marketplace have produced a major innovation called the "Storm Worm" and it is rewriting the rules of engagement in computer security. It's essentially a new breed of malware that is a combination of worm/trojan/bot. What makes it special is that the Storm Worm's method of operation is sophisticated, so much so, that it is nearly immune to defense, suppression, or eradication -- demonstrated in that it has already infected up to 50 million computers and slaved them into a massive botnet. However, the really dangerous aspect of this isn't the smart way the Storm Worm is operated, it's what the network will be able to do once it activated. If the developers are as smart as their approach indicates, that outcome will either be a big pay-off or substantial damage.


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